11.11.05 :: 10:50 am

I am so freaking ecstatic it's the weekend and I don't even care that I can't spend any money.

Yesterday, I splurged on organic, antiobotic-free, filet mignons from Union Market. They cost about $28 altogether but Ryan cooked them up so nice and juicy and I always can't believe how filet mignons taste like BUTTER. Actual, creamy butter.

That shit was amazing.

tonight, we meet with Miss April whereupon she'll show us the designs she's already worked on for us. SHe's too cute.

And, in ex-boyfriend News of the Weird, my mother SWEARS TO GOD she saw my Crazy British Ex in Long Island City this morning. Walking on the street. She says she almost called out to him, but I was like, "Ma, I think I see that guy everywhere. Ever single pale, shaved-headed guy that I see on the street I think it's him."

And anyway, I'm pretty sure he got married and moved to, like, Ohio or something.

"Are you sure?" My mother asked. "I know that guy anywhere."

This creeps me out beyond belief that he could be roaming the outer boroughs but I'm going to try to push the thought away from me.

Most importantly, I berated my mother for having a doctor on Ling Island City.
There's a million MD's in Manhattan!

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