01.14.02 :: 9:19 am

Industrious. That's the word to describe My Boy yesterday. Putting up mirrors, changing lighting fixtures without electrocution, bathroom re-decoration ... it was a busy day.

So he rewarded himself with 3+ hours of Final Fantasy X. Which, I might add, was the topic of discussion between him and Bill at the strip club on Saturday night. While all the topless chicks wandered around and lapdanced within four feet of him, My Boy was discussing Final Fantasy. Intensely. Proof positive that: a) I'm engaged to the biggest geek on the planet, and b) he's the coolest guy on the planet.

OK. Enough lovey dovey. Time to buckle down, settle in for a nice, long day of creating codes, routing copy, and checking artwork.

The excitement reaches near-hysteria, I know this.

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