01.13.02 :: 1:50 pm

I must definitely be some kind of boy repellant the second my engagement ring went on my finger. because. At Max Fish on Friday with Achren, Ruby, Fiona, and Gingi, sat around laughing and drinking for hours, but not one male approached the table of hotness.

The second after I leave, all hell breaks loose. There are sleepovers and kissing going on. Clearly, I'm putting a vibe out there. Or, realistically, it was my bling bling sparkling and blinding the boys away.

In any case, I'm glad things worked out for the girls.

I crawled into bed beside an already passed out MyBoy and Stoosh-dog.

Yesterday, I was really upset about having to work.

But. I was not scheduled! So.... off to the strip joint!

And the birthday boy was getting a lap dance, which is funny. Because he's gay. And his gay roommate pointed out (in what was the funniest quote of the evening) that the strippers who were milling around were like homeless people: "If you make eye contact, they'll just come up to you and start talking, and asking you for money."

So, yes. I did tuck a dollar bill into the G-string of a particularly limber pole-dancer, and she jiggled her butt in my face in the mandatory fashion, and I was impressed, in general, with how cute and of well-toned bodies they all seemed to be. But it was dark. And I was loaded.

Anyway. The drinks were nine dollars and lap dances were twenty, so I was tapped after an hour and a half. me and My Boy went home.

Today, we've spent the entire morning putting the finishing touches on the apartment.


But the bathroom is in full pirate mode. I hope no one strangles themselves on a fishing net.

And now. I mass email the, uh...masses...direction to the party next Saturday. It can't get here fast enough.

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