10.02.01 :: 10:41 am

The only reason to drink coffee is so you can get to glucose sludge pile at the bottom of the cup, of course. Four packs of sugar should do it.

We got this card via Interoffice mail this morning:

"At a time such as this, our strength lies in our solidarity. As a symbol, please accept this red, white and blue ribbon to wear. We appreciate your courage and support at this time."

Um. There are many, so so very many things wrong with this. I can't even begin.

I don't like being passive-aggressively "asked" to show "support." They should just say what they mean. Wear it or get in trouble.

And anyway, I don't feel like showing "solidarity" in the form of a red white and blue pin.

I don't feel solidarity with any of these people. In fact, I feel miserable I'm not volunteering or doing something genuinely useful.

But what else can be expected of a company who's in the business of being phony?

Because. Just the other day they circulated a memo to the bigwigs to "use the all-time high level of patriotism" to sell more fucking makeup.

Take your ribbon and stuff it. Assholes.

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