10.02.01 :: 1:45 pm

Fire Drill!

I haven't had one of these since high school. While I take the next hour to walk down fifty flights, entertain yourselves with My Boy's psychosis:

My Boy: sundaygirl...this haircut looks so gay

sundaygirl: you're crazy.

My Boy: it totally looks like Corey HAim's hair-do

My Boy: I hate it

sundaygirl: you're crazy.

sundaygirl: you look beautiful.

sundaygirl: corey haim is gay

My Boy: am i????

My Boy: lol

sundaygirl: you are my hottie non-gay boyfriendhusband

My Boy: and I have his gay hair!!!

sundaygirl: your hair is not gay

sundaygirl: and neither are you, freak show

My Boy: you like gay boys

sundaygirl: i do. but i would never sleep with them

sundaygirl: and your hair does not look like corey haim's.

My Boy: wouldn't you rather i look like the strokes?

sundaygirl: no. the strokes look like they don't shower

My Boy: at least they look cool.

sundaygirl: they look like they smell really bad.

sundaygirl: like stale sweat and feet and smoke.

My Boy: I look like a dork!

My Boy: I 'm tired of this hairdo.

My Boy: please don't force me into getitng another haircut again please

sundaygirl: you can't have long hair, dude. it looks retarded

sundaygirl: You do not look like a dork.

My Boy: I wasn't long. it was just shaggy!

sundaygirl: it was gross. you looked like an extra from deliverance

sundaygirl: all mullet-ized in the back. come on now!

My Boy: i look like i'm 12

sundaygirl: no you don't.

sundaygirl: you have such isues with your appearance and you're such a cutiepatootie.

sundaygirl: come on

sundaygirl: you know youre hot

sundaygirl: admit it

My Boy: its my hair and i hate

My Boy: it

My Boy: never again

sundaygirl: I am copying this insane dialogue and sticking it in my diary

sundaygirl: because you are cracking me up

My Boy: copy this: I got my haircut because sunday girl wouldn't leave me alone about it and now i look like an ass and I have no one to blame but myself.

sundaygirl: I will.

sundaygirl: But I will preface it by saying that you needed a haircut and you always think you look gay afterwards and then a week goes by and you're all styling it and loving yourself.

sundaygirl: deal.

sundaygirl: BA HA HA HA HA HA

My Boy: People wanted to beat me up on the way to work because I look like such a little kid. they wanted to take my lunch money

My Boy: i just can't win one in this life, can i?

sundaygirl: you win in other aspects, my darling

My Boy: its too much to ask to come out of the clip joint and not feel like a total ass

sundaygirl: OK. I cannot continue this conversation because you clearly need medication.

sundaygirl: You look FINE

My Boy: i need to be on drugs

sundaygirl: that is obvious.

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