08.16.08 :: 8:27 am

From the No Shit Sherlock Studies: babies are really taxing on relationships.

In other news, LA Magazine finally whittled down all the (paltry) entries for the Greatest Thing About LA and came up with Amoeba Records. Number One.
Since we've been there and done that twelvedy thousand times already, I can safely say that I'm officially Over It and Through With This Town and I Won't Be Missing Much Else When We Leave.

We started looking at apartments and decided to just bite the bullet, shell out a couple hundred dollah-dollah extra a month and get a 3 bedroom.
Might as well live like sultans, life is so short.

my homesickness has reached its absolute peak, and if it had audio it would sound like a mobius loop of high pitched morse code.

I want to take long walks again on tree-lined streets.

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