08.18.08 :: 5:57 pm

I just ate half a bag of Doritos.
Things are dire.

Oliver is doing this thing where, get this: HE DOESN'T SLEEP, EVER. NOT EVER EVER EVER.
And if he does happen to drift off he gets SO ANGRY ABOUT IT because JESUS CHRIST we can't have SLEEPING going on! Gotta keep Mom & Dad on their fucking toes, man!

Is there some kind of patch I can download to fix the bug in this child?

Started looking at apartments and who does Brooklyn think it is, anyway, with the exorbitant housing prices?

3 bedroom? Yeah right! More like 1/2 of one and baby sleep in closet.

I have to update my resume yet again, in other riveting news. Although most of what I did at Bigwig's would fall under "babysitting" and "damage control."
Yet I can't leave the job out completely because I'd get asked "what did you do for a year?" and what would I say?
"Oh, you know... drove across the country... had a baby."


Oliver's social security card came in the mail the other day. Did I mention that already? Who cares; I just realized I've added a future retiree to the planet! He's a real person! No backsies! He's here, he screams, get used to it!

You know what, though?
At least in New York he'll be around 3-4 months old and I'll be able to put him in a stroller and go walking around.
So there's that to look forward to.

It's the little things.

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