Friday, Aug. 24, 2001 :: 4:35 pm

wait, there must be more to say...

a few more things before i go:

I would like to send for you. You need to be seeing what I'm seeing here. Pack one bag and come. The airport here is new and I know how to get there.

Ah, fun and games. We'll be in the same room soon enough. And, just like the dream I had this morning, I will tackle you to the floor, legs wrapped around your waist; spin me around.

At night, the air puts on clean clothes and perfume and it smells like jasmine. All. The. Time. Jasmine.

Underwater, I can stand on my hands and walk. I ate octopus that, ten minutes earlier, was hanging by a clothesline, drying, over the taverna owner's head. That is a sight.

What was also a sight: when the island is completely dark at night, around 2 am, all the lights turn off around town and you look up and the sky is like the inside of the Hayden Planetarium, when they recreate the night sky with pinpoints of light, just as the cavemen used to see it. Back in the days when there was no electricity, on a moonless night you could see millions of stars. And I saw this last week. No moon, one billion stars, all shaking, some yellow, some blue, big and small, covering every inch of black space. No camera could capture it. I tried.

The music, I'm growing to like it a lot. I'm starting to know the words and I sing along.

And I haven't missed television that much. This must account for why I'm not so annoyed anymore.

Give me the crickets over everything else, I'm A-OK.

I know where I have to be, when I'm all done growing up.

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