2001-08-23 :: 12:08 p.m.

One transmission is all I get before setting sail tomorrow.

This country is so my kind of place. Weather people beaches nightlife...everything...

God I miss My Boy, though.

Last night I got tanked on boilermakers with the gang and wound up barfing all day yesterday. Priceless.

This tan is out of control, in other news.

And, yet in other news, I'm a little saddened to report that my youngest cousin is a full-blown anorexic. Eating ice cubes and three teaspoons of honey, she's all pointy bones and angles and I am so scared.

She knows she needs help. I guess this is a start.

Summer summer summer summmer... godsakes don't ever stop. I can practically drink the saltwater.

My Boy. My Boy. I am pulled in both directions with equal force. How I miss you, kid.

Man. Sun's blazing. I'm off to do some diving.

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