01.04.08 :: 9:32 am

the shortest work week in history draws to a close which only makes me panic in anticipation for the longest work week in history because honestly, honestly, honestly, i feel like i work at romper room.

i explain something one day and the next i'm met with "no! i want this now!"

and i suppose i should be grateful what with all the child-rearing practice i'm getting, but really, i'd just like to get something done in a NORMAL, timely, professional manner.

never in my life did i think i would ever type that sentence.

You know what else?
And this goes without saying.
I miss New York.

I was just remembering drizzly gray walks down empty lower east side streets many years ago.
And corner booths in tiny cafes.
Waking up on Ruby's couch so many Sundays. Rooftop barbecues and the world's smallest grill. Emerging from the tunnel on the bridge and the view from subway windows. Every photobooth I've been in. All my friends. Every single one.
My entire life crammed into 322 square miles.

Soon. Soon. Soon.

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