01.03.08 :: 12:25 pm

we saw the tater in 3-D.
and apparently, i'm having an alien/monkey hybrid. Awesome!

The tater also did some shadowboxing and some tae-bo kicks and was generally showing off for about ten seconds until it got lazy and snuggled with its thumb in its mouth for a nap.

Well, results are next week, but everything looks perfect and normal and so I'm gonna go ahead and not worry about it.

One funny sidenote: in the waiting room, Ry and I were looking around and marveling at the fact that out of 10 couples there, 8 of them were what we'd consider to be "grups" or "yupsters".

No lie. It was an endless sea of Camper shoes, and the same hairstyles.

We are one of them now, I guess.


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