07.10.06 :: 10:31 am

it's another stellar weekend gone by.

highlights included me and ruby and izzy and doc on the beach, getting hammered on cans of tecate and doing the people magazine crossword.

barbecue on sunday and ryan is the master chef as per usual with his delicious grilled mackerel and asparagus oh my god i love you so, mister man, i love you to death

good movie watching nights with wine, good snuggling with stoosh in bed, all in all a good good weekend.

My foot is still fucking killing me and i'm now considering getting it x-rayed because, hi, hello, i want to wear heels again please? and i'd like to resume my three mile runs? thanks?

it dawned on me this morning while browsing my bridal messageboard that people are truly, completely, batshit insane:

"How to incorporate my cats in our wedding?"

and other lunacy. Lord love them nutty broads.

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