01.25.08 :: 9:08 am

up until recently i could pass out and fall asleep in almost narcoleptic amounts anywhere, at any time.

lately? punishing insomnia.
i'm up at 3:30am, no matter what. i can't tell you how much steamed milk i've ingested in the past 2 weeks. and yet i am wide awake and just thinking, thinking, thinking.

about nothing in particular, about Tater Stuff, about my life, and on and on and on, a mobius strip of vignettes playing out in my head.

all this thinking can't be good.
too much remembering too much to do too much infinite information coming in and taking up what little space is left in my head and spilling over.

i need a vacation.

and speaking of, there are cool destinations in my near future.
London in March, where Ruby and I cavort and prance and mince.

And in April, when Ry and I go to New Orleans for what's going to be a kickass wedding. Brass band, Antebellum mansion, and a white-tuxedo'd groom. Brilliant.

I hope the Tater digs travelling.

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