01.26.08 :: 11:35 am

we went for a walk this morning in the trails around the Griffith Park Observatory with the Stoosh-dog and she was leading the way, as per usual, and I was surprised by how quickly I got winded.

I'm fat.

Well, ok, pregnant but still. Way out of shape.

it's so pretty up there. it smells terrific and it was so sunny and bright and clear.
and it's hard to believe there's actual nature just 10 minutes outside LA.

So yeah. Real scenic.
Still not enough to keep me here though.

Yesterday, I did some much needed banking and was reminded of Liz Lemon's line on "30 Rock": "I have $12,000 in checking."

So I'm opening up an IRA like a fiscally responsible person and looking into a 529 college fund thingy for the Tater.

Two years ago I would have monthly panic attacks over all my checks clearing at once and leaving me with $1.67 in my account.

my my how times have changed. I don't even feel the urge to buy anything with this surplus.

Well, ok, except for a dress to wear to the wedding in April. I'll be well past Beached Whale status by then.
I should just buy a tarp and call it a day.

Ooh, Spies Like Us is on!

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