06.08.05 :: 9:38 pm

what a day.
work was a circus. i don't even know where to begin to describe the tragicomedy.

oh, wait, i know. how about "the etched glass for the bottles came back catastrophically wrong and it will now take another four weeks to correct the problem, delaying the launch of this project even further. We will have to re-visit our options with the lawyers regarding our contract and issue the third Red Alert to the Sean John group."

That email pretty much sums it up.

In other words, we're all out on our asses unless a festivus miracle occurs.

In good news, L.A and the beachy beachy pacific await me on friday.
But while doing laundry last night, an Aaliyah music video came on the TV screen and I was all... WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Hopefully nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing.

Like Ryan said, "Her tiny-ass plane crashed because they overloaded it with equipment. They're not going to overload JetBlue."

Commence drinking.
Hasta manana, senores y senoritas.

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