06.14.05 :: 8:53 am

california rocked my socks.

it's such a great place. to visit. The weather cooperated, we went swimming, shopping, and lazed about.

I had the weirdest, most creative and bizarre thoughts while chilling my tootsies in the Pacific.

I totally want to throw a dinner party for the sole purpose of using mannequin hands as salad tongs.

And with nsegue whatsoever, I give you the latest relationship milestone reached this weekend.
Ry's parents offering to put a down payment on a house. For us.

Cue the deer, I know.

So in the airport, Ryan and I decided it is time to discuss ... DUN DUN DUUUUN ... THE FUTURE.

Nothing too scary. Just the old which comes first: the wedding or the house?

Who knows. Who knows. Who knows.

Oh, I also had a dream that some guy I dated several moons ago stole my wallet and then threatened to stab me in the neck with his hook. Yes, his Captain Hook hook arm.


Now, on to figure out what the fuck to do about the 357 emails festering in my inbox.

Oh, and because it's full on summer... I am having a barbecue every fucking weekend on my deck.
Those who know, should show.

And, in honor of my sisternun's recent shower of good news, I am going to throw a party.

A kickass summer jam.

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