10.20.01 :: 2:36 pm

He goes away for two days and I become little Suzy Homemaker, it's chilling, really.

I've ironed. I've vacuumed. I've given the dog a bath. I've baked a cake.

Jesus and it's only 2:30. Kill me.

I am getting so pumped for tonight's party. I am so excited, in fact, that I've picked out my outfit, tried it on, and danced around in it to the Strokes, singing at full volume. Loser? Yes. Or... more like, Foxy Mama Taint!

Sometimes you just need an occasion to do your hair, and to use products on it that make it all glossy and cost more than your entire wardrobe. Sometimes, you need an occasion to put on really expensive makeup you raided your work closet for, and to actually take an hour to do it. Might as well, because my skin's cooperating with me today.

Sometimes you just need an occasion to work it. Miss Ruby Foxx's birthday bash is such an occasion.

And, wonders of all wonders, I'm no longer bloated. I no longer look four months pregnant, and this is an occasion to wear that fucking cute dress.

Tonight, I'm going girlie with the girlies.


I know this is so terrible to say, but I'll say it anyway. I really hope princess gets the smackdown. Really. I really, really hope she gets what's coming to her. For every miserable, low, dirty, horrible, cunty thing she's said and done to everyone these past months. I really hope what she's given out, she'll get back threefold. Oh, my sweet karma. How I love you so.


I'm gonna go play in the park with the Stoosh-doggie. Today is gorgeous.

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