10.19.01 :: 10:26 pm

"I can't do little boys anymore." - Sharon Taint

And with that cryptic comment, onward with this entry.
I am, of course, referring to something I said over IM to Miss A, regarding younger men.. ahem, boys. I remember, though, my Poughkeepsie Pete phase. He was two years younger, and hell, sometimes it showed.

But whatever. Those days are long gone.

Speaking of days long gone, Tallboy called me tonight. And I remembered why it didn't work out betwen us.
Because he's boring. He doesn't have interesting stories. I mean, not one. I haven't seen him since June, and the only thing he could summon from his brain to tell me about the past four months was that he's been doing yoga every day. Uhhh...okay.

But whatever, he's pleasant and a sweet guy in general, so we'll be friends and play nice. Puzzleboy is more promising on the post-breakup friends front. We have way more in common. Drummer Boy might also have promise. I haven't talked to him in a month, though.

I don't know what it is with me and needing to be friends with exes. I want to prove that it is possible. Because I really think it is.

OK, time for cereal and Mystery Science Theater 3000. (Shut up. This is a Sundaygirl night. Sharon Taint comes out to play full force tomorrow)

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