04.14.10 :: 2:24 pm

As expected, Tater threw an epic fit when he was dropped off at daycare today.

I really thought I'd be the one they'd have to calm down, but no. The little dude had the most horrendous meltdown. It was heartrending and pathetic.

All I could do was just give him a kiss and say "See ya later, dude" and be on my way.

Two hours later, I picked him up and the second he saw me, the waterworks burst forth again. He was a wreck. A total sobbing wreck.

Obviously this has scarred him in some unfixable way, down to his core, for life.
But he's gonna have to deal with it, unfortunately. And we all have a point in our lives when we realized our moms and dads weren't going to be there 24/7.

Poor kid.

It's for his own good! He can't just have his grandmother as his best friend.

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