04.12.10 :: 8:01 pm

it's cherry blossom and weird longings season.

signed the checks and the paperwork for the Tater to go to preschool starting next week.
my left ovary audibly screamed. the right one twitched and moaned.
my checking account asked me if i was out of my goddamn mind.

springtime, brooklyn. Lemur said it is the season of first bloody marys and of scouting new outdoor local watering holes.

Shortly, we will be under tightropes of christmas lights in backyards. I'm still young enough to go dancing in this weather. Make way for summer frocks.

i can't live here enough. and we're about to start living here even harder, when our lease is up in november and we scout places to break the bank even further.

a bigger home for a bigger family. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.
most certainly after i've worn a satisfactory buttprint into my new office chair over at New Job 2.0

did i mention, my little boy is getting his last teeth in?
my little boy has outgrown his crib.

the days could and should be longer.

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