08.26.03 :: 11:06 am

Oh, and also? This was kinda charming...

So yesterday, I'm walking home in my kicky new red strappy heels and my black work dress and a fire truck is rolling slowly alongside me.

I look over and an incredibly good looking fireman leans out the window, rests his head on his arm, smiles, and waves at me.

I was kind of startled at first but my reflexes kicked in and I waved back.

And I was thinking how only firemen can get away with flirting out of their vehicles. Any other man on the planet and I would have flipped him the bird right then and there.

But firemen? They have carte blanche to flirt away. Whenever they want. I will always find it endearing.

So I turned the corner and walked up to my front door and I looked back and the truck was stopped at a light and the cute fireman was smiling at me and I was smiling back like a teenager in the presence of a rock star and he mouthed "Hi" and I mouthed "hi" and then the light turned green and the truck rolled away, and all the time we're staring and smiling at each other.

I was so giddy. Like retarded giddy.

He knows where I live!

He could leave flowers on my door step!

Or a cute note!

It would be so romantical!

I am a lunatic!

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