08.26.03 :: 10:25 am

This morning's commute was brought to you by the letters F U MTA!!!

We were stuck for about half an hour between stations, and it's so not funny after a while.

A girl about my age came up to me and crouched down low and whispered, "Can I ask you a huge favor? I'm really claustrophobic and I noticed you have a walkman. Can I borrow that for a little bit to calm down?"

So I gave her my walkman and she thanked me and I was thinking how much it must suck to be 100% mortified of subways.

Oh, and last night? My computer crashed and burned. Meltdown. Utter system failure.

I'm going back to Tekserve and crossing my fingers like insanity in the hopes that they can save my baby yet once again.

But it's looking bleak. Really, really bleak.

I cannot afford a new computer.

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