03.08.03 :: 2:36 pm

So. This vegetarianism thing. Let's discuss because it's very difficult. I have already failed once today, when, after my cereal and strawberries, I ate two sausage links.

I am sorry. I have sinned.

I think if I don't think about meat so much, I can do this. Meat. Meat meat meat meat meat.

I'm ready for chickpea salad for lunch.

I'm a git you, cholesterol. I'm a git you good.

Last night was good, but I got a little too drunk too fast and when I got home, I leafed through a Victoria's Secret catalog and then got really queasy (the two were not related, I don't think). So I passed out on the couch and woke up at four in the morning whereupon I dragged myself and my boy up to bed.

We actually woke up in time for a Mystery Science Theater rerun. I am now due for a nap.

Did you know that dogs need around eighteen hours of sleep per day? I find this amazing. Partly because I am now convinced I am 1/3 canine.


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