03.10.03 :: 11:59 am

The boy pointed out something very interesting the other day. He can't stand it when not all of the dishes are clean at the same time.

I am the same exact way with work. You finish one task but then 17 different offshoots of the same task pop up right away.

There is never a sense of completion. Ever.

I think this can be applied to all aspects of life. And we shouldn't think about it too much because it will depress the everloving crap out of us.

Also, I cannot believe MTV had the motherfucking unmitigated gall to send a goddamned veejay to do a serious, in-depth story on the troops in Kuwait.

I mean, honest to fucking christ. Someone blow us to bits already because we are an embarrassment.

A motherfucking veejay.

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