09.10.03 :: 1:24 pm

In other expense-filled nuttiness, I'm very excited about the deliveries to my life, namely, my Bed-in-a-Bag:

Now, if only I can motivate myself to paint my room. I'm trying.

Last night's date with Seantay's buddy went swimmingly. The dude refused to let me pay for my portion of dinner or my drinks after.

And you know you're in trouble for making out in a bar when the bartender says "Um...excuse me, but can I get you anything?"

Of course, this will be all very short-lived. Because he voted for Bush. And this, my friends, is a 100% bonafide dealbreaker.

Also I'm still secretively waiting for Mark to get back. Mark, my camp directing, chinese-speaking, english-teaching, house-building, six-foot-two handyman/buddhist/sailor.

Cue some sighs and a deer right now.

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