09.09.03 :: 3:34 pm

I keep having dreams about the guy I was painfully in love with in high school, but who wouldn't give me the time of day.

This is probably relevent and important to understanding my fractured psyche, but I can't be bothered to think about it right now.

My 2 bosses have asked me to "lunch" on Monday. If they wanted to fire me, wouldn't they do it today, or before Friday? Why wait till Monday?

This is going to eat me alive from the inside out until then. Thanks, fuckers, for the six days of sleep I'm about to lose.

I have a date tonight with Ruby's roommate's friend again. You know, the excellent maker-outer.

I would also like to mention that he gives good hug. You know when someone holds you and all of a sudden you feel really really sad and emotional, like you want to cry? I don't know. I am getting my period. But he gives these protective, strong hugs and so does Mark, and I think this is really important and I clearly have issues, yes, let's move along.

Next weekend is my birthday party. And I revert to junior high and stress myself out over whether or not anyone will show up.

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