04.05.06 :: 9:38 am

Took my wedding dress to the bridal salon yesterday, to assess the situation and see if they could lift the color a little bit to make it whiter.

No go. Itís a harsh chemical process and Iím just not willing to risk damage to a $2,500 dress.

So Iím wearing ivory. Iíve come to terms with it and in all honesty, ivory looks better on my skin anyway than blaring bright white.
And as luck would have it, it discolored perfectly evenly so it looks like I bought it that way. All it will need is a spot clean and steam and itís good to go.

First fitting September 1. And I need to lose a little weight, apparently, because where I was swimming in the dress three years ago, it fit totally snugly yesterday. Boo to that, but whatís five pounds.

The good news is that this is cause for buying new shoes to wear with it. And I saw the most adorable pair of pale gold heels that would look so smashing with my newly ivory gown.
Any occasion that affords me the opportunity to buy shoes is a blessing, I say.

Off to enroll in Bootcamp Fitness!

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