04.03.06 :: 9:49 am

I do not know what has caused this sudden influx but my bulk mail folder has never seen so much action.

It's a veritable buffet of filth and smarm.

Here's my weekend recap: wine, wine, resident evil, wine, Lemur's bbq, and ryan-the-great's amazingly orgasmic fish stew.

We tried getting Stoosh-dog and lemur's cat, Mishima, to play nice but I had to face the facts that my dog is a total pussy and Mishima wears the pants even if she had to be sequestered to Lemur's room all night.

I'm under the impression, currently, that an extended family of pollen has signed a five year lease in my nasal passages. Infiltrating my throat, too.
I feel like smacked ass on a platter.

Happy Monday.

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