05.19.03 :: 1:26 am

Call off the dogs, I've found my new home.

Making the move July 1, and I couldn't be happier about it, given the circumstances.

The apartment has a deck for barbecues, already outfitted in christmas lights and my bedroom has exposed brick and a fake fireplace.

The entire building is inhabited only by people my age (including my roommates), and everyone is friends with everyone and it's a big social scene and a get-together happens every other night, it seems.

While talking with my roommates-to-be out on the deck, a guy nonchalantly climbed out of his window, onto the fire escape and down to where we were sitting, and joined us for a smoke as if he'd done that a million times.

I think I'm going to like this place a lot. And it's a good feeling to be optimistic about stuff, considering how uncertain everything became two weeks ago.

I'm feeling good.

I'm feeling this is the right direction.

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