05.20.03 :: 11:34 pm

No. OK. Seriously.

What the fuck? How do I lose a piece of clothing? A work skirt, no less and I have so few of those. Lost. Gone. How absent-minded and terrible of me.

I've fucking lost a skirt.

It sounds like something one of the Hilton sisters would do. Just drop it off at the cleaners one day and forget about it completely.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Did I leave it at the cleaners?? I've never done anything like that before. I'm usually so careful about my personal belongings, like they say, 'cause no one else is responsible for them except you and blah blah blah any damage or loss yadda yadda...

So what gives??! Where is my fucking brain? And how long has this skirt been missing before I finally fucking woke up and realized it?!

I don't care if this is boring, this is absolutely killing me. I loved that skirt.


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