09.20.06 :: 2:43 pm

i don't do well with needles so after two hours of poking and prodding during my physical, i am rewarded with a tasty prescription for ativan which i will savor.

one on day of the wedding.
two for the plane ride to mexico.
two for the plane ride back.

and the rest for whenever diddy crawls up my ass, rearranges my intestines, and summarily turns me inside out.

11 days to go.
can you people stand it, even?

i know i can't.

what i'm most looking forward to is checking into my grande deluxe suite on saturday afternoon, and shutting everyone and everything out until the rehearsal dinner.

i'll get a massage, i'll watch a movie on the big flat panel TV, i'll raid the liquor cabinet... it's going to be a slumber party of 1.

and then the next day, i marry the dude who's laundry mixes with mine.
i wish i could explain how it feels.


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