06.08.04 :: 2:43 pm

What is the world coming to? Now, EP has a girlfriend, of all people.

I am unequivocally through with the dating scene after tonight.

I know I've said that a hundred times before, but I swear on the corpse of my dead grandmother that I'm spent. And I refuse to do it anymore.

This is a risk, I realize, because being without a boyfriend as your 30's approach is the abhorrent equivalent of raping cripples, but ... I just can't anymore. I've expended too much energy on men who weren't worth a pound of cold vomit and it was disappointing, at best.

And no, I did not "learn" anything. None of it has been a "learning" experience. It was all a colossal waste of time.

The guy with the honor of being heretofore known as My Last Date For The Forseeable Future is meeting me at 9PM tonight.

He's thirty, he works as a lighting director for A Very Famous Show That Will Go Unnamed To Protect His Innocent Ass, he's funny, he made off-color jokes on the phone that I thought were hysterical, he's tall-skinny, and it will not work out.

Which is good news because my toilet lids are coming along nicely and I've been stealing all kinds of great music from the internet and listening to it at the park in the sunshine, and my skin is all better, and I'm riding my bike around, and being creative and busy so I don't really have time for men.

Also, both my roommates are moving out, so I have to replace some furniture and stuff. This is going to be a hassle, but at least I don't have to look for new roommates seeing as I've already found two. It took one day. So fortunate.

So yeah. No more making time for men. I am fully booked starting tomorrow until further notice.

As Kelly Taylor said on 90210, "I choose me!"

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