06.09.04 :: 9:32 am

As I predicted, the date last night went alright but it will not work out.

It felt good to realize this and relax and ponder other facets of my life over a Big Mac at 2:00 AM.

Mostly, that the Professor called, inexplicably enough, during this date.

He was not drunk, also inexplicably, and he said that I was the first person he's talked to in a week after finding out he did not get tenure.

I said "Oh. Well, I'm honored I guess."

And I kept it all light and fluffy, like an egg white omelet, so obviously he asked me out for Thursday.

I said OK, but reminded him that there is to be no funny business. Just hangouts, because I'm not dating anymore.

And he agreed.

We'll see where this freewheeling ride down the highway of uncertainty takes me.

Right now, breakfast time!

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