12.17.03 :: 6:52 pm

Day 17 of 31 Days of Fruitcake and Suicides is almost behind me.

Let's run down the checklist:

Still broke: check
Still single: check
Still depressed: check
Still in a dead-end job: check
Still in maximum break up pain: check

Good. Everything in order. Excellent. Keen.

And of course I go out and buy a pair of frivolously expensive jeans and a frivolously expensive shirt.

You know because might as well. I'm dropping down to my depression weight. Sweet.

Everyone is leaving for the holidays, it seems. My roommates, a lot of my friends, EP...so hopefully a lot of maudlin Netflix movies will arrive and I can exorcise my demons all alone in the silence of my apartment.

Better go rearrange the queue.

In waste-related news, I found out today that there is indeed a cleanup crew for all the jugs of urine that people toss out of their cars and onto the freeways.

Oh yeah. Happy Holidays.

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