2001-04-18 :: 2:50 p.m.

I love it when my weekend plans take care of themselves. A going-away party for her friend writerboy on Friday, and a Whorenun birthday bash for Trixi Turner who turns her 26th trick on Saturday.

Ha ha. I kid. For her birthday, I'm printing out a photobooth picture we girls took together and ironing it onto a tank top. I hope my artistic abilities have not abandoned me yet, during this time of hard liquor. I'm feeling all sorts of crazy creative today, though.

Ruby has a date with a massage therapist tonight.
"If nothing else, at least I won't have back pain."
"That's assuming you get a free massage on your first date..."
"Oh, right, sorry. Rock on, sister."

Got an email from Tallboy too, which was sweet and I hope I don't start liking him too much....

Inside my heart, I carry a boy... he's so close but so far and you know how this story goes.

Snowglobes. On my desk. Buckingham Palace in glitter.

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