2001-03-15 :: 10:37:27 am

All I know is that Liz is stalling on signing my fucking timecard. It doesn't need two fucking signatures you halfwit, nobody fucking cares that much.

If I don't get my paycheck today because of her, she can expect a whole world of hurt coming her way.

Let me tell you a little secret...
If things work out with Drummer Boy, I mean, if I actually become his girlfriend, I will be so happy that it will be really difficult not to post a link to his site so everyone can see who's made Sundaygirl so goddamned cheerful all the time. I'm just sayin'... to those who've wasted time reading my angst (prnonounced "AHH-ngshht" of course), and sending me the nicest emails, your efforts are appreciated and shit. Rock on wit yer bad selves.

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