2001-03-15 :: 9:53:51 am

There are many blonde women here. Very blonde, very made up, very sickly sweet birthday cake-y. You know?

Though I don't care as much anymore, I still wonder if Rock Star Ex and HH worked things out last night. Part of me hopes not, so he can still linger in the space that I occupied when he did the same to me six months ago. So he can know what that's like, what it's like to lose someone you adore. I think it's been too easy for him. I think he needs to hang out with that agonizing feeling of loss for a little while longer.
Get to know it.
Buy it dinner.

I think only then can he really understand what I'm all about. And so to friendship. And High Impact Shadow Duo.

If Drummer Boy says "8 o'clock," then 8 o'clock. He never moves from what he tells me. Gorgeous.

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