2001-02-19 :: 5:43:30 pm

Puzzleboy just called.

I'm grinning ear to ear like a little schoolgirl. We have a date in three hours.

And I'm pleased. Very pleased and giddy.

I half-joking said "I kinda missed you, you silly little freak," and he laughed and said "Yeah, I thought about you too."

Maybe everything will be okay. Maybe this will be a good thing to have. RockStar Ex said "What if Puzzleboy asks you to be his girlfriend?" And although that's jumping the gun a bit, I said "Well, I'd go out with him because you don't want to be with me right now." And we agreed that it's fair.

Right now I'm happy.

I am broke but happy. Totally penniless but pleased. Completely without any discernible future, but in utter glee.

I am in love with my ex forever, and it's okay. I like a certain Puzzleboy a lot and that's good too.

Why this makes sense, don't ask. It just does....cue the deer.

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