01.02.04 :: 1:56 pm

I've had a few days to decompress and I've made an appointment with the good ol' doc, and we're gonna get things all nice and tidy again back up in my head.


That said. New Year's Eve. A blast. Really, really. Went with dear, dear Ruby to her friends' party in Brooklyn that featured really yummy champagne punch that pretty much did me in and was the cause of me calling EP around 12:30 to wish him a good one and whereupon he invited me over to his apartment to partake in his festivities.

Segue into me in a cab, drunk, on my way over to EP's place. Now, normally, a sober Sundaygirl would not have attempted this until maybe, like, next month because we all know who lives there with him.

Fortunately, I was wearing a pretty kicky vintage-inspired 60's-era-ish red and white dress so I was feeling foxy and confident.

Well, EP met me at the door and up we went and the party was in full swing and as I made my way through the crowd, Simon greets me.

He was as handsome as I remember and very, very, extremely polite.

And he asked me how I was doing and we made small talk and you know what, it was okay. I found myself not even harboring any resentment. it was so water under the bridge.

And then everyone packed the living room where iPods were hooked up and everybody dancced like crazy and Simon kept refilling my drink and EP danced me around and it was all just really fun and laid back and nice. Their girl pals wouldn't let me sit down, and we giggled like junior high school girls at their first dance and it was so much fun. My dress was complimented like crazy, and at one point, one of EP's girlpals said to me, "You know, EP really really likes you." And I was flattered and replied, "Awww, come on." To whic she said, "No, really. He talks about you all the time. He thinks you're really amazing and smart." Well kids, dontcha just know that this tidbit of info really hhighlighted an already bright night.

The next morning, EP and I woke up with dueling hangovers and the best cure for that is, duh, doing it and then sleeping again.

We woke up finally around 1:30 and shuffled into the kitchen where a really pleasant and sweet girl was in Simon's boxers and shirt, sitting at the table, eating leftover bread and cheese.

And again, no awkwardness. The boys made french toast. The girls drank tea and talked movies.

And Simon and her are really adorable together and he was being so sweet to me that I thought I had stepped into some kind of alternate reality.

Anyway, after breakfast, when I got dressed again Simon's girl mentioned that I looked cute and then I overheard her telling Simon that and he agreed and then EP walked me to the train and kissed me goodbye and it was just a really all-around 100% great time.

Sometime between my mental collapse and today, I was able to really really let go of my ex.

It's an undeniably amazing feeling. To not care, at all, what he is up to and with whom. Or if he loves her, or whatever.

It just. doesn't. matter.

And with this newfound fuel, I propel myself into 2004. Because I own this year. I seriously do.

Put my bid up on eBay, 2004 is mine, signed sealed delivered. Mine.

Have a good one, y'all.

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