09.09.04 :: 3:54 pm

Besides the fact that the medication for the dreaded eczema cost somewhere in the ballpark of $500, I'm relatively happy today.

Actually, I'm pretty darned okay, I have to say it.

Without medication, even!

I think I've basically reached a point where I'm happy with my friends, my love life, and life in general. Of course the job aspect isn't up to par, but this will take a little bit longer to make just right. But I'm okay with this.

Eventually, when that falls into place, it will knock the whole living situation into place, too.

Not that I don't like my current living situation, but I hope not to be living with roommates in my 30's.

Love. Life. Love-life. All of it. Peaches and cream. A bowl of fatty whipped deliciousness. And it's just on the cusp of getting better.

I feel good. I feel love. My good God, y'all!

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