12.13.05 :: 10:38 am

MAC's holiday party is tonight, and since Estee Lauder couldn't bother to throw one this year, I'm hopping on the MAC love train and getting myself intoxicated and fed deliciously.

I don't normally like to gush about my boyfriend, but this morning was a perfect example of why we just work.

I was coming out of the bathroom and he was walking out of the bedroom as we were about to leave for work, and out of nowhere he turns to me and says loudly,

"Y'all ready for this?"

And instinctively, I sang the techno part of that song "dun dun dun nana nana dun dun dun neener neener!"

as we both broke out into a spastic rave dance at the same time.

and we didn't even laugh. it was like, you know, it had to happen.

we cracked up outside though.
somteimes shit's too funny and good.

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