06.16.02 :: 3:46 pm

Friday night, the happy hour crew met up at the Raven and did our usual thing. It was glorious. I needed a whole mess of friends.

Last night was an evening full of girls in ultra-rare form and a kind of pointless roof party in Brooklyn where it began raining on the crappy bands that played. So, I guess, poetic justice, but it was sort of fun while it lasted, and I did manage to get two beers out of the ordeal.

And then it was off to the Johnson's for PBR's and while Miss Rubyfoxx ping-ponged between boys, i had an interesting conversation with some random guy who plays card games for a living. Anyone who can get $10,000 out of one hand of blackjack in Vegas is a cool dude, in my book. So we discussed strategy and before I knew it, time was up it was last call and I got into a cab with Miss Foxx and her Man O' The Hour, and I promptly passed out on her couch.

Today, I tried on a shirt at Urban Outfitters, amazed that it looked good and at how well I've been doing eating-wise. I looked hot. Finally. Bought it, wore it out, got my ass onto the train, and came home to the Stoosh-dog.

Now, I'll finish reading a book about a guy starving to death in Alaska and take a nap in front of the boobtube.

I am so eagerly anticipating July 16th whereupon Miss Molly and I will drive to Pittsburgh to see My Boy and the coolest band in my life rock out. I am counting the days till I can wrap my arms around his neck and squeeeeeeeeeeeze. Counting, counting, counting...

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