2001-06-28 :: 2:42 p.m.

So Ruby finally finally finally got herself hired! Unfortunately, that is all I know and I'm probably going to die wondering.

She IMed and then she was gone. Like Kaiser Soze.

How can it only be 2:45 and I'm still sitting here, getting underwear sweat, and I'm not running all kinds of beach-related errands, like getting a base tan, and getting waxed? Someone riddle me that.

*** UPDATE***

RubyReddFoxx: It starts July 9th, it's not that exciting--it's a weird mix of editorial and administrative--so like, I'll be answering the PHONE--but apparently it doesn't ring that much, and there's plenty of opportunity to do journalistic stuff and start writing smaller pieces and pitching ideas and whatnot. they didn't bullshit about the admin part, but they said they wanted me because of my writing, so that's promising.
RubyReddFoxx: I don't care. I just want to be able to go to the freakin' doctor.
Sundaygirl: hey cool!
Sundaygirl: marry me so I can get on your health insurance

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