09.13.05 :: 5:12 pm

everyone was asking me today what was with my coworker and the way she was talking to me.
and it didn't tick me off until more than two people noticed it.

and yeah, i got so frustrated that I almost cried.

she treats me like i'm mentally challenged. and she has this tone of voice, like, she's so fucking smart and knows everything about everything.

i actually walked away from her mid-sentence earlier because i'm not taking it anymore.

fuck her and her high horse. you want to lecture me for half an hour about how to order a messenger? fuck you, fuck your mother, fuck your dead grandmother, and do it your fucking self.

that's all i have to say about that.

in HAPPY FUN AWESOME LIFE-IS-WORTH-LIVING news, I am keeping my fingers crossed that by October 8th, we will have put down a deposit on what is probably the most gorgeous ceremony/reception site in MANHATTAN.

Yes. I said it. Affordable, gorgeous, and so so so so totally us.

fingers, toes, fingers toes one by one every one.

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