03.31.08 :: 5:17 pm

oh god another winnie-filled day.

i was mentioning to ryan this weekend that the reason i hated her instantly was because i could tell she was shallow and vapid.

case in point: on friday, we all ordered food together and due to some "buy 1 get 1 free" deal, we had extras of everything.
it was a lot of grub.

So my phone rings and it's reception telling me our order is here.

so i proceed to get up and wait for others to do the same. stash and ro are on the phone.
so i look to the Royal Pain in My Ass, Winnie who smiles and hands me money.
"Here's my share!"

I stare at her for about five seconds, trying to determine whether or not she's fucking kidding.
And she's not.

So I say, pretty bluntly at this point because I'm severely cranky and hungry,
"Um, it's a shitton of food and it's 2 flights of stairs and I'm gonna need some help."

I don't even wait for her response.

I go downstairs to reception and start collecting the bags and then I see Ro walking in after me.
I ask her "Winnie sent you?"
And she rolled her eyes and said "Yeah, she was like 'You don't need my help do you?'"

I just want to know what kind of jackals raised Winnie. In what world does she live in? I never want to go there.
I hate her so much and with such a ferociously searing intensity, I'm pretty sure I could melt her with a single gaze.

And as I typed that last sentence, she guffawed and whinnied heartily at something entirely unfunny, as per usual.

strength, please, now.

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