08.09.07 :: 8:54 am

i am completely incapable of maintaining any kind of skinny here in LA.

it's sedentary to the max up in this piece what with all the driving, driving, driving.

i'd have to run for an hour every day and bike for another half hour in order to lose what i need to lose and i am so not into it.

baby vishnu give me strength!

oh, yesterday at work some buttbag of an assistant had the balls to suggest i was "confused" when I misunderstood something she had said.
And now I don't know about anyone else but where I come from, you don't talk to people of authority that way. You would never say to a Director or Executive or a VP that they had their head up their ass in not so many words, even if they did.

you surly little cunt.

I corrected her, obviously. And with more than a little snark to my tone but someone's gotta keep this bitches in line.

I've noticed that here at Bigwig, the peons are treated better than the people actually in charge and therefore you've got retarded little brats thinking they're the shit.

So annoying.
But what can you do. I just keep my New York darkness and attitude about me at all times and keep on keepin' on.

Yesterday, I named all our products.

Suck on that!

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