01.18.02 :: 9:24 am

I'm totally skipping out on a meeting this morning.

I deleted the invite without a trace from my calendar, though. In case anybody says, "Didn't you get the invite?" I can point to my screen and say... "Uh, nooo...?"

Good God there is food and booze to buy.

I'm not even in the mood to talk about how T.R. totally shafted me last night and said he can't work on Saturday for me.

My only hope is lame, lame Smitty. Who I'm being extra-super-nice to. Because there is still a possibility he may cover for me. But he's a weasely bastard and I wouldn't be surprised if he said no, too.

Which means I am most likely working the night of my party. But, that's okay, see. Because I'm leaving early. No ifs ands or buts. And if the manager gives me shit it's SAYONARA SWEETHEART. Take this stinky job, and the stinky hours, and the stinky pay, make a nice MISERY STEW with it, and serve it IN! YOUR! ASS!

Liberated Sharon Taint at last!

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