10.26.01 :: 10:06 am

Coffee + breakfast cookies = mmmmmmm

I love the stuff of Fridays. Good things coming.

Ruby please report to me, via yahoo email, regarding this weekend...

This morning, I totally dreamed that My Boy and I had been separated for years and years and we were having a reunion and I worked in a hospital as a nurse with Sweettits and we were talking about how excited I was to see him finally, and then he called me to tell me instead of coming to visit me, he was going gambling in Vegas with his former roommate. What a weenie. And then I spent the rest of the dream trying to find my way out of the hospital so I could call him back on my cell phone which didn't get good reception in there, and I wanted to scream. I woke up very annoyed with him.

He was dreaming, at the same time, that there was another attack in New York, and more buildings were collapsing around us. And I was with him, and so was Stoosh and I had picked up a stray French Bulldog as well.

I put my ear over his when he was telling me his dream, and thought about how white trash of me it was to eat mashed potatoes straight out of the pan, in bed, right after the sweet, sweet loving.

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