12.08.05 :: 12:34 pm

oh my god, work is KILLING me. KILLING.
the second i finish/clear up/fix something, someone's annoyingly asking for a variation on the same theme.

It's seriously like these people are not communicating amongst each other. It would be kind of interesting to watch, like a social experiment, but I don't have time to find it anything but obnoxious.

and it's too cold to live, in other news.

the other night, before my food poisoning episode, ryan and i discussed moving to california after the wedding.

i guess it's a go, then.
i mean, i'm freaked out beyond belief, but what are we going to do?

we can't stay in new york forever. i've been here for thirty years. it's time to move on, and yet i'm so sad becuase i won't know anyone and i hate making new friends because i don't really like people


it will be okay, i guess.
i suspect more people will be making the trip to the west coast eventually within the next five years.

I am looking forward to beach life and a backyard. That's for sure.

Westward, ho's.

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