06.09.07 :: 9:37 am

Had a very, truly LA moment last night.

So our buddy Paul was in town and we all went to this seriously old-man-bar divey place with a nautical theme way the fuck in the boonies of Koreatown.

And it's all going well and good until in strolls in one of my first pseudo-boyfriends/hookups from college who was in a semi-famous cable series starring a very famous former "Friend". Ahem. The less I say the better.

Anyway it was weird. Spastically so.
Because there wasa glimmer of recognition and it was all so JARRING because hi hello remember when I was like "All my exes disappear into the ether after we breakup" ??

Well as it turns out they don't.
They turn up in LA.

Kinda funny.

Today it's off to Ikea and such for the purchasings of the furnishings, lest we sleep on the cold concrete in the loft.

And tonight, dinner with Paul & his LA friends and then drinks with Stash and her boyfriend and friends.

A very full 24 hours indeed.

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